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+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967

+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967


Veronique Lachatte




Models wanted!!!! Males, females or TS/TV!!!


I am searching for new recordings, motives and experiments.


Because I am conitinous adding and improving my homepage I'd always like to offer much more download-videos.


Cameramen or good locations can offer their services, too.


Everybody minimum at the age of 21 till... may cooperate! Good looking is required and if applicable an current HIV/Hep-Test would be advantageous for hottest scenes (my choice).


If you want to know more about it so please call me via Skype-Chat, Whats App or by phone. I look forward. See you soon!


The Casting-Form is following. All other applications use the contact data in the Imprint please, thank you very much!




Scenario and Rates:


The Shooting takes place with a cameraman of my choice in a location we choose together.


You'll get a 75 % discount of my rates, but charge for all expenses like hotel room, travel costs and catering if you show your full face while shooting.


If you'd like to wear a mask you'll get a 50 % discount of my rates but charge for all other expenses.


Of course you'll get the full video in copie after editing!



·         male amateur actors


·         female amateur actresses


·         TS/TV


·         cameramen


·         videoproducting enterprises


·         owners of interesting/special locations / Clubs etc.