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+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967

+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967


Veronique Lachatte


Rates: All-inclusive*-Service – without any extra-costs!





each additional hour:                    



Private Time:                                


Each additional hour:                    





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Swinger-/ Event-Escort:              


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Overnight 12 h:                            



Weekend, 48-h-Date:                  



Travel Escort:  


Combi-Package I:                    

(24-hour-booking incl.

Swingerclub-Visiting open End)



travel costs:                                







·   available full-day at the moment after making appointment


·   No negotiations about my rates!


·   arrivals exterior from Leipzig/surrounding areas: prepayment via (in Überarbeitung) 1/3 rates plus travel expenses (bidirctionalexpenses/-flight(-ticket) neccessary


·   Minimum Date Duration: Hinterland 2 h | Middle Germany: 4 h | all over Germany: 12 h | worldwide: 24 h


·   Invoice: For each Escort-Services a neutral bill is always possible!


·   All prices including VAT/TAX.




Attention Specials!


Special Offer „Happy Swinger“:                   Complete-Offer only EUR 500,00 add. EUR 60,00 journey or collection (only valid for the Savannah, Inez, Palermo or Saphir)

·         only from 8:00 pm to 0:00


·         including 1 Evening Swinger-Escort for 1 Gentleman


·         all-incl. Sex in the Swinger-Club with the escorted Gentleman



Special Offer „Happy Bachelor“:                  Complete-Offer only EUR 900,00 plus EUR 60,00 journey or cellection (around Leipzig and max. 20 km hinterland)


·         only from 7:00 pm to max. 4:00 am, including:


·         1x Dildo-Show


·         1x ‚Titty-Twister-Dance’ a la Salma Hayek


·         1x 60 min. Quickie with the Bachelor or alternative 60 min. with 1 other partyguest or alternative 6x 10 min. Quickie with 6 partyguests







*all-inclusive means whole service accord with the agreed service-list at my profile, it DOESN'T mean all kinds of sexual service,  like e. g. sex without condom etc. pp

EUR 100,00 / hour


EUR 50,00



EUR 150,00 / hour


EUR 100,00


EUR 50,00 extra charge to private time or for shootings only for priv. purposes add. fees


EUR 200,00 / hour add. hotel, expenses & DVD


see also page Casting



EUR 100,00 / hour


EUR 50,00 / hour



EUR 800,00 (Dinner-/Bartime incl.)


EUR 1.100,00


EUR 1.800,00


EUR 300,00 bzw. EUR 200,00 for each add. hour


EUR 2.500,00 / week



EUR 1.500,00




all destinations (hotels/private apartmants) within the City-Ring EUR 20,00 sum

all other depent on distance according to topical Taxi-calculator Nicht-Fare

(btw. EUR 15,00 and 25,00 one-way, so x2)


all other cities train- or fkighticket business or firs class


Overview Hotel-Taxi-Fee to you or from your stay to me ;)