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+49 (0) 172 - 36 55 967


Veronique Lachatte


VIP-advantages - Why become a member? - How it works


At first you have to registrate with a new user name to get access to the member-zone. Just clicke on  VIP and fill in the small formular. Next step is to send us a copie of your passport or driver's license for the age verification! After that we'll check your data and age to confirm your access and send your account data to your given email adress. Your registration is absolute free of charge without any fee-based subscription! 



Free Rated-18 Hardcore Images


In the VIP-member-zone of my webpage you'll find a lot of unrated hardcore pics added several times a year. All images once published are available as long as my homepage is on the server so every new user can access all images ever uploaded!



Download All Rated-18-Videos


Apart from this you can download and watch unrated hardcore amateur-videos in the VIP-member-zone you have to pay with coins. So you can watch them anytime and anywhere! I assure you a high defintion quality and sound. All videos are german and without any synchronisation! No bothersome porn groove or factious moaning.  



Skype Chat Dates


Furthermore you can arrange hot Cam-to-Cam chats with me in the VIP-member-zone with Top HD and sound qualiity via Skype! Just write my sykpe username "Driauk" or my email-adress info@versaute-luder-online.de in the search field and do a contact request. I'll try to confirm as soon as possible. And there it goes! We can communicate allover the world. Direct live stream to your house! Just let me know the duration and pay (in reworking). Easy-peasy! 1 min is only EUR 1,00. 



Prefered Booking


If you became a V.I.P. member you will be prefered at booking. That means faster confirmation of booking requests of V.I.P. clients and if other clients cancel their apointments we can offer V.I.P.-members a call-back-service for replacement.



Recharging Video-Coins


In the VIP-member-zone you can recharge your coins. How much as you wish! You'll need the coins to download videos. For recharging coins click in the VIP-member-zone on "Coins aufladen". Now fill in the desired amount of coins. After that you'll get a mail with all the needed payment information and modalities or just click the (in reworking) button on this sub-page. After payment your coins will be charged to your user account and you can download the videos to your PC at home directly.


100 coins are EUR 1,00 is 1 minute Live-Chat!

To recharge easy via Amazon-Vocher or online-bank-account-transfer!  



Free Chat


In the VIP-member-zone of my webpage you will finde a free sex chat-room. To participate you don't need any coins or fees. Just click on the sex chat, fill in your user name and that's it for hot chats with me or other members.



Requested Videos


If you have any desires or dreams reffering to videos so please make a request, without sending your ID is possible, too! I will try to fulfill your wish if viable and as soon as possible and NOT corresponding with my absolute taboos ;)