Veronique Lachatte


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your Sex authentic, do you enjoy it?


Of course ;) I chose the Escort-Job on my own accord, because I really enjoy it. It's a kick for me to search for the correct room number in your hotel and to see, what kind of person will be open the door! The whole date is a lot more satisfiing, if my partner has a well-grooemd appaerance like me, is eloquent talking away from sexual activities and has a lot of imaginaton. Only then I will give you all my devotion. Your minimum age has to be 18 while dating in Germany (all other countries 21!), "handicaps" welcome! I don't mind any confession or political attitude! :D



2. How to make an apointment with you?


At th beginning mails are welcome or you can call me.


The rendezvous can take place in private of your home, your hotel or at my own apartment.


Please do the appointment or travel escort date as soon as possible, because I am usually overbooked at the evenings.


Of course short-timme-dates are possible, but I need minimum 1 hour for preparations.


And please confirm the date 1-2 hours before and let me know your room number if neccessary.


I am an High-Class-Esort-Lady and so I never will date you in your car or truck. The rates depend only on my time and not from service. For these service you can take a look the tab profile.


The minimum duration for Leipzig is one hour.



3. How to engage you as travel companion?


Please let me know that as soon as possible, but minimum 4-5 weeks before! The prepayment is to make via bank account transfer, at least cash by departing (only available for Leipzig)!


Please give me all needing information like stay duration, hotel adress and so on!


A minimum 1-2 hours pre-Date is neccessary in case of this, because I'll never travel with an unknown person!




4. How to make an appointment outside Leipzig, e. g. Dresden?


Please give me this information 1-2 days before! The prepayment 1/3 of my rates add. expenses is to be made via bank account transfer. The final payment in cash at your location.


Apart from this please send me a copy of your passport or driver's license via Email, SMS or Whats app and give me the needes data of your hotel, adress and room number.


The minimum duration is: Middle Germany: 4 h | Germany all other regions: 12 h




5. What about presents?


I don't expect one! But if you want to do me the favour flowers are always welcome. Inspite of these I prefer concert tickets (Depeche Mode, And One, Camouflage...) or take a look at my Amazon wishlist. If you like to buy a fragrance for me, I prefer only this one: Calvin Klein One Summer - earlier editions welcome. All kind of chocolates are fine with me, too !




6. What about your rates, negotiable?


No sorry, my rates aren't negotiable.


Travel Escorts and long-time dates are customizing depending on service.


But payment only for the expenses is not possible.




7. What about no right chemistry?


Of course you can abort the rendezvous, if you shouldn't like me.


I expect honesty, but I can do the same way.


But there will be no expenses refund.



8. When's the best time to call you?


Because I am a high-class-escort-Lady so I usually don't work after midnight or just sitting in any club waiting for customers. Please call me the day or in the evening.


And please don't write me any SMS or Whats app if we never met before, I won't answer. Anonyme calls will be ignored.


If I will not lift up the receiver please dial again later. I won't ring you back because discretion is always kept by me.



9. Do you practise only "safer Sex"?


Yes of course! Every oral Sex, intercourse or anal is safe only, with a condom. Anilingus with latex sheet, Cunnilingus possible without. All sextoys, dildos, vibrators and strap on's get a new condom at every intercourse. Fingering me is without fingerstall possible, fingering you is with fingerstalls or latex gloves. Cum on my body is possible, but I deny cum on face and swallowing, too. Sporadic I have unsolicitous a HIV & HEP-Test. All tests so far resulted negative because of having safer sex. These results don't welcome you asking me for unsafer sexual intercourse! ;) My clients value this and count on me!




10. May I ask some personal?


You can ask me about all my sexual favourites and my hobbies. You will definitely get a straighforward answer. But please avoid the following questions, because I have a privacy, too and I don't want to marry each client ;) I also don't ask you why we meet today. Otherwise it is possilbe that I won't be honest at all! a) What is your real name? b) Have yout got a boy-friend? c) How did you bedome an escort?



11. I'd like to write a recommendation, is it possible and where?



You will find the tab guestbook, each each comment is welcome.



12. May I have an invoice?


For all escortings and services you can get a correct receipt or a neutral invoice.




13. Are your photos authentic?



All photos are original and authentic and will be completed or exchanged the whole year.